Nature of Job Project Name Client Year of completion Work Volume
*** Sand Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting. Munger- Rly-cum-Road bridge project. P&R Infra/Rly. 2010-2014 228000 sqr-mtr. (12X125M Span)
Sand Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting. (At  Patiala work shop of MG contractor) MG contractor 2011-2012 10000 Sqr-Mtr.
Sand Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting. Road bridge over Rupnarayan River.( W.B) ATEPL/ IRC.


2011-2013 20000 Sqr-Mtr.
Sand Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting. Ganga-Patna Rly.cum-Road bridge project. P&R Infra/Rly. 2013-2015 30000 Sqr-Mtr.
Sand Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting. ANGUL-SKND NEW Rly line const River bridge. RAHEE/RVNL BBS. 2013-2014. 6000 Sqr-mtr,
Sand Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting. Supermech Engg. ROB Project. ASHOKA/ NH-6 Dankuni. 2013-2014. 12000 Sqr- Mtr.
Cupper slag Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting ASHOKA. ROB project. ASHOKA/ NHDP   phase v.  NH 6 2014-2015. 5000 Sqr-Mtr.
Grid Blasting/  /Epoxy Painting MEECO Engg.Work shop building column Truss structure. (Durapur works) MEECO Engg. 2014-2015. 850 MT.
Sand Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting. CENTEX  Engg.ROB Project. Bilaspur SER Rly. CENTEX  Engg pvt ltd. 2015-2016 6000 Sqr-Mtr.
Sand Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting. SBP-TIG Rly. Major-River bridge project. RAHEE / RVNL. 2015-2019 128000 Sqr-


Grid Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting. Manipur Project.    Rahee workshop Howrah. RAHEE/ NF Rly. 2016-2019 60150 Sqr-Mtr.
Grid Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting. Tel River Project



RAHEE INFRATECH LTD. 2018-2019 29000 Sqr. Mtr.



Sand Blasting/ Metalizing /Painting. NH Narmada Bridge Project RAHEE INFRATECH LTD. 2018-2019 15000 sqr. Mtr.