Company: Dhata Blasting is one of the leading shot blasting companies in West Bengal established in 2010. Started in 2010 as RA-SWA, BLASTING CO. at Khannyan – Hooghly for blasting job works. Dhata  Blasting is committed to excel in its services through a collective and conscious effort reflecting Diversity, Creativity, Honesty and Integrity. Pilot of Dhata Blasting Mr. Dipak Dutta has personally worked at Eastern Metalizing Co Pvt. Ltd.(Khidirpur) for more than 10yrs, as Blaster in the field of Sand
Blasting, Quartz Blasting, Grid Blasting and also as metallizer in the field of zinc metallizing & aluminum metalizing, also as painter in the filed of zinc silicate, red-oxide, zinc chromate, aluminium etc for airless painting machine, pilot gun, conventional gun.

Basic current opportunity of the company is to execute outsource job works for govt tender holding company and other companies. Our main asset is the functional and technical expertise of our personnel, combined with their experience to make sure our clients receive the best and professional services.

Why Shot Blasting

  • Remove Rust.
  • Removes Paint
  • Removes Grease
  • Removes Scales from Metal Components.
  • Improve aesthetics of the component by imparting matt finish
  • Improves quality for electroplating, painting, powder coating and rubber lining
  • Provide skid proof ceramics in case of marble and granite.


Team Capacity 

Dhata Blasting always been a good team working since beginning, and currently have working strength of  60 experienced working man head.